Equipment for Sale

Dr. Theresa C. Fleming, O.D., F.A.A.O., Esq

The following items are for sale in Pennsville, NJ -

Projector manual with screen $125 Pick up only 

Applanation Tonometry Perkins Mk2 Hand Held $80

Tonometer Tip Never used $20 

Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates for testing Colors $80

Volk Pan Retinal Lens $80

Volk Super Quad 160 Fundus Laser Lens $80

Gonioscopy 4 Mirror $80

Gonioscopy 3 mirror $80

Gonioscopy 3 Mirror Sussman type $80

Prism set in wooden box $150

Vertical Prism Rack $50

Horizontal Prism Rack $50

Retinoscopy Rack $125

Farnsworth D-15 Test (saturated) magnetic for color testing $100

Ophthalmic Lens Clock Base Curve Measurement $20 each or 4 for $65

Slip in Post dilation glasses 7 boxes of 250 (1,750) NEW $180

Solarettes Post Dilation glasses 5 boxes of 100(500) NEW $80

Nose pads in sealed plastic  envelopes -NEW $4 each packet of 25 

Not Ophthalmic Items for Sale

Alber Scalamobil IQ a wheelchair that climbs steps.  Rechargeable battery powered $750 Never used (pick up only) 

Seat Lifter, electric, to lift from sitting $50



If interested in any items for sale, can 856-678-2288 or email 

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