For me being a member of the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians is a privilege, an honor and also a good investment. Where would my practice be without organized optometry, without having medical optometry, without having somebody constantly watching to make sure forces that are not in favor of our profession do not limit our scope of practice or access to insurance plans. In addition to this benefit, I also really enjoy the benefit of being able to see my colleagues and discuss shop. I have met some very nice people and have made some good friends through the Society. Being a NJSOP member for over 30 years has not only been an honor but I also believe a privilege and I would encourage anybody who is not a member to really realize the benefits that you receive in terms of advocacy, camaraderie and benefits in terms of insurance that enables us to belong to a great profession.

Paul Berman, O.D., FAAO

The mentorship of the senior NJSOP members has given me innumerable insights into Optometry and allowed me to better contribute to the profession.

Harvey Richman, O.D, FAAO, FCOVD
Past President, NJSOP
Member since 1996

Optometry in NJ has always been and will always be under attack by organized medicine. That I am able to practice therapeutic Optometry with oral prescribing privileges is solely because of the NJSOP. Make no mistake...without a viable NJSOP, the landscape of Optometry in New Jersey would be VERY different. It is an absolute obligation for every practicing Optometric Physician in New Jersey to belong to the NJSOP and support our profession.

Michael Veliky, O.D.
Past President, NJSOP
Member since 1993

NJSOPNET is invaluable. I posted a help-wanted ad and had four responses within 24-hours. I was able to hire a very qualified associate for our practice quickly and easily.

Kimberly Friedman, O.D.
Moorestown, NJ
Member since 1991

The networking opportunities within the NJSOP are innumerable and invaluable.

Bo Tsao, O.D.
Somerset, NJ
Member since 2000

NJSOP membership is like having a partner down the hall to consult with. A second opinion with further insight is but a click away!

Maria Megill, O.D.
Sea Girt, NJ
Member since 1992