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Dr. Edward HarmerWelcome to the home of optometry in New Jersey!   

Our professional association, The New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians (NJSOP), represents seven hundred of the state’s optometric physicians.  Our members serve patients in every community within the state from their private offices and from medical centers.  Our website will help you learn much more about the present clinical expertise of an optometrist as well as the diverse populations and unique needs which we serve. 

We believe that vision is the dominant sense so essential to lifelong learning and productivity.  Many of our members participate in the InfantSee ® program, a national public health initiative designed to provide professional eye care for infants during their first year.  We work with children to make sure that they have the proper visual skills to perform in the modern classroom and with adults who are likewise faced with unique visual demands at home and in the workplace. 

Our members are prepared to diagnose and treat ocular disease, eye injury, infection, inflammation and allergy and can coordinate care with primary care physicians and surgeons.  Optometrists participate in vision care plans, major health insurance plans and Medicare.  We are positioned to meet your eye health and vision care needs for a lifetime! 

If you are looking for a well-trained eye doctor who has met the high professional standards of the American Optometric Association and the NJSOP, then click our Doctor Locator tab to find an optometrist available near your home.  Welcome to the NJSOP!

-- Dr. Edward Harmer
NJSOP President


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September 16, 2015

Committee Day

NJSOP Headquarters - Hamilton, NJ

September 25-27, 2015

Therapy by the Sea

Harrah's Resort - Atlantic City, NJ

September 27, 2015

See Well Be Well 5K/1 Mile Fun Run

Atlantic City Boardwalk

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